Raising a Catholic Family Today


The first step in raising a Catholic family is to protect it physically and spiritually. Children need a home environment that is safe and welcoming

Home is a sacred space in which God first reveals himself to our children, and they learn to relate to Him.

Home is the place where our children learn to converse with God through simple prayer rituals, and through their gradual participation in the sacramental life of their Catholic community.

Home is the place where our children learn to love by watching how we love. Following our example, they form habits that will influence their relationships for the rest of their life.

Home is the place where our children learn that time is a precious gift from God, to be used to serve him. Home is a place where our family celebrates its milestones (i.e.: birthdays, anniversaries and special events), and the liturgical seasons with a sense of gratitude toward God.

Home is a way of life that teaches our children that they belong to a larger family, and that true love and faith are gifts that we are to share beyond the walls of our house.